Computer Vision, Learning and Applications Research Group
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About us

Computer Vision, Learning and Applications Research Group (CVLA) is a unique, dynamic and a not for profit research body in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. Our group provides strategic research insights on machine learning and computer vision to achieve your desired research and learning outcomes. We hold ourselves accountable to motivate and train young talent to undertake research in computer vision and allied fields to address problems in our daily life and to serve society.

Join Us

If you have an interest in collaborating on the topics mentioned below, please forward your CV via email. (Open to B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D. candidates).

  1. Object Movement Pattern detection
  2. Deep Learning and IoT Based Object Classification and Movement Tracking
  3. Earlier Breast Cancer Detections- mammogram Images
  4. Real-Time Traffic Signal Prediction and Control using Deep Q-Network